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The Magic of Credential Manager

Yeah, it's like Magic

Credential Manager is almost like magic

Michael Blair  My name is Michael Blair and I have put together a Credential Management solution that is in the clouds and has been around since 2002.  

The reason I say it's almost like magic is because of what it can deliver as a complete solution for ALL of the credentials and information that is associated with the websites you are promoting and using.

There is an enormous amount of information that is associated with the websites you are promoting and using.  

Here is what I mean:

  1. Multiple login credentials (Member, FTP, Control Panel, Root, My PHP Admin, Plesk, etc)
  2. Multiple links (Affiliate, Social, Blog, Products, PDF Documentation, Login, Video, etc)
  3. Multiple email associations (Yours, Support, Account Manager, etc)
  4. Multiple embed codes (Banner, Video, Scripts, HTML snippets, etc)
  5. Multiple Security Questions/Answers for proving your membership

The MAGIC of Credential Manager is it gives you UNLIMITED credentials, links, emails, embed codes & security questions/answers that you can store & retrieve for all the sites you are going to.  You can even store your Welcome email in the Notes section for your website. 

In fact, Credential Manager gives you a COMPLETE solution to ALL the credentials and information for the websites you are promoting and using.  I don't care what kind of information you want to retrieve, you can create a permanent record that is there for you, forever.

Credential Manager is CLOUD based so it is internet Centralized and you can access it with any browser using any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone) from anywhere in the World 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No longer do you have to depend upon browser management for credentials and links that are all 1 device based.  With Credential Manager it doesn't matter what device you are using, or what browser, because it is internet centralized and has ALL your information in permanent records that you can access anytime!

Personally, I stay logged into Credential Manager because there is a LOGIN button that I can use for any of the websites I have added to my membership that takes me DIRECTLY to the login page for the website I am going to!  I can even have my login credentials DISPLAYED so I know what they are BEFORE I go to the website.

So, no more favorites, no more doc files or spreadsheets, I am CENTRALIZED for ALL of the credentials and information associated with the websites I am promoting and using with the permanent records I have created.

Credential Manager is pretty extensive too.  There is a LOT you can do with it and it's easy to use, giving you POWERFUL results.  In fact, it's almost like Magic, it's that good.  

We even have most of the websites you are using with {servicecount} websites already in Credential Manager just waiting for you to add them to your membership.  I am referring to sites like Google, Facebook, Apple, eBay, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, Instagram, Costco, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Wordpress, Best Buy, JVZoo, Commission Junction, Blogger, Tumblr, UPS and MANY more that are ALL Scam-Free for our members!  You just click a Service name button, add your credentials, click save and you are done!  It only takes a few seconds to add any website to your Credential Manager membership.

There are some fine credential management systems out there, but I have yet to find one that offers a complete SOLUTION for ALL the credentials and information that is associated with the websites I am going to.  Also Credential Manager has the websites ({servicecount} available) I am using READY to add to my membership.  No other system out there works like this, it is totally unique.

One other important fact is that for the {servicecount} websites in Credential Manager and for any new one you add, the WHOIS registration information is put on the record FOR YOU and is under the display button for any of your websites selected.  This is IMPORTANT information that gives you the websites creation date on the internet, their address, their country, their domain registrar, their phone number, their admin contact email and more! 

Go to Credential Manager today and get started for Free, you'll be glad you did.  You have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose, so check it out today!

Michael Blair 18.10.2017 0 991
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