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Solve the puzzle of managing your credentials today!

The Credentials puzzle is solved with Credential Manager

Michael Blair My name is Michael Blair and I have the solution to the Credential Management for all of the information associated with the websites you promote and use every day.

In today's World of websites there is a lot of information and it is in an ever changing environment that makes it a little difficult to solve the puzzle of managing all your websites with all of the credentials and information associated with them.

Here is a list of all the information associated with the websites you are promoting and using.

  1. Login credentials for your logins (Membership, FTP, Root, My PHPAdmin, Control panel, Email, etc.)
  2. Links (Blog, Social, Affiliate, Product, PDF Documents, Files, Videos, Images, etc.)
  3. Embed Codes (Banners, Scripts, Videos, HTML Snippets, etc.)
  4. Email associations (Yours, Website support, Website account Manager, etc.)
  5. Security Questions and Answers to prove you are the legitimate member logging in
  6. WHOIS Registration information that is available for all websites (Except .gov)
  7. The login link to get you to the login page for the website you are trying to access
  8. The Welcome email from the website with your member access information in it

Can you track and manage all of the above information for yourself for all of your devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone)?  Is it even possible?  What about multiple devices & browsers that you might be using in your household?  How would one device KNOW what the information is from a completely different device?  How would the browser you use for your tablet know the information that is stored in your Desktop browser?

It seems like an impossible puzzle to solve especially when you add an important aspect of the information associated with your website(s), which is the WHOIS Registration information that is on ALL websites on the internet.

What is that anyway?  Here is a list of the information you can retrieve from doing a WHOIS on any website:

  1. The date & time the website was created
  2. The address, City, State, and Country of the websites physical location
  3. The Phone number of the Website
  4. The Admin contact email
  5. The domain registrar for the website domain itself
  6. The domain I.P. address

There is actually even more information but the above are the most important.

What if the website is in China?  What if the website just opened its doors yesterday?  What if you are being spammed by the domain, what can you do (Contact the registrar and complain, they are listening)?  What if you really want to call the website or send them a letter?  What if you need to contact the admin of the website?

With the WHOIS Registration information most of these questions above are resolved.

This puzzle is a bit daunting to be sure but I created a SOLUTION in 2002 with a Credential Management process that covers everything I have listed above and more.

With Credential Manager it is a cloud based solution that you can access using any device with any browser from anywhere in the World.  The information and credentials are listed below:

  1. Unlimited Login credentials (Encrypted)
  2. Unlimited links of any kind
  3. Unlimited Embed codes
  4. Unlimited Email associations
  5. Unlimited Security Questions & Answers
  6. WHOIS Registration information on ALL websites 
  7. Login link button to get you directly to the login page for the website you select
  8. Large notes section for storing Welcome Emails and any pertinent information you want to add

With Credential Manager you are UNLIMITED in the credentials & information you need to have setup as a permanent record that is in the Clouds and there anytime you need it.  In fact I stay logged into Credential Manager every day and would be completely lost without it.  

It seems that I run into new websites that are interesting every week and when I do, I put them into my Credential Manager so that even if I don't go there again for several months, I have all of the necessary information associated with that website.  Currently I have over 200 websites that I have added and I never have any credential moments.

The beauty is that adding a new website is very fast and takes only a few seconds.  I like it that I can setup PERMANENT records for the sites I visit and dont even think about what browser or what device I will be using to access any site I am going to.  All of my information is CENTRALIZED in the clouds.

What if my laptop or Desktop crash & burn?  I will be sad for the loss, but I wont have to re-setup favorites, links, credentials, Security Q/A, Emails, or anything else as far as my online world of websites are concerned because it is all in PERMANENT records in the clouds.

In fact when I initially setup my Credential Manager with over 100+ websites it took me less than an hour! Done! Now, its setup and when I add a new website or change an existing websites information its just a few seconds.  Done!

I love Credential Manager and when you start using it, you will wonder what you ever did without it. 

There are already {servicecount} Websites in Credential Manager waiting for you to add them into your Credential Manager account.  You will find Google, Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, Bing, Craigslist, Yahoo, Rackspace, Twitter, Apple, Best Buy, Bitly, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIN, Wordpress, UPS, Walmart, and MANY more!  They are ALL scam free too because Credential Manager filters OUT known scams. 

Also, the websites in Credential Manager are ALL monitored for activity so you wont find any inactive or downed websites, or even parked websites.

The best part is it's FREE to use, so you can get a taste of what its like to be centralized in the clouds with ALL of the credentials and information associated with your websites.  Credential Manager is pretty extensive, but it's easy to use, and produces powerful results.

Go to Credential Manager today and get started centralizing your websites today.  Solve the puzzle, you will be glad you did. cool


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