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Road to Freedom

Credential Manager

The Road To Freedom is Credential Manager

Michael Blair, Founder My name is Michael Blair and I know that most people initially think that the only information associated with the Websites they visit are pretty much the login credentials.  

However it has become much more than that and most people use favorites and the browser to manage their logins and links.

The problem with that is its very messy and somewhat complicated to manage.  It's also a single device solution and most people have 2-4 devices.  They have Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and even smart phones can access a browser for surfing the net.  So, how would your Laptop know what credentials or links are on your Tablet?  These two devices probably have DIFFERENT browsers entirely!

The truth is you have different logins, links, embed codes, email associations and even security questions & answers for accessing the website you are trying to get to.

You can have logins such as:

  1. Website logins
  2. FTP Logins
  3. Control Panel logins
  4. Domain registrar logins
  5. Webmail logins for your Email
  6. Plesk logins (Server management)
  7. PHP MyAdmin logins (Database Management)
  8. Root access (Server logins)

You can have many different links:

  1. Affiliate links
  2. PDF Document links
  3. Social links
  4. Blog Links
  5. Profile Links
  6. Video Links
  7. Product Links
  8. Start-page links (Traffic Exchanges)

You can also have Embed codes (Banner, Video, Script, etc.), more than one email association you are using for the websites you are joining, and even have security Questions and Answers that you need to remember for accessing your websites!

So how in the World can you possibly keep track of ALL the information that is associated with your websites through ALL of your devices no matter what device or browser you are using?  It's not possible, right? Wrong!

The Road to Freedom from that mess is Credential Manager.  This website application is a complete solution for any of this information and even more.  You can even store your Welcome emails with Credential Manager.

With Credential Manager you can store and retrieve UNLIMITED bits of information and NAME each one, for every website you add to your account:

  1. Unlimited usernames/passwords (Encrypted)
  2. Unlimited Links
  3. Unlimited Email associations
  4. Unlimited Embed Codes
  5. Unlimited Security Questions and Answers
  6. Large Notes section (Welcome email)

You also have the WHOIS registration information stamped on all of the {servicecount} Websites that are in the Credential Manager database.  There is a display button below your website selected and when you click it, at the bottom of the popup is all the WHOIS registration information for the website selected.

This website application is totally unique in that no matter what type of credential or information that is associated with your Website, you can EASILY add it to your account and it becomes a permanent record in the clouds where you can access it from any device anywhere in the World.  There is no other credential management system out there that has ALL the information storage/retrieval you need.

Credential Manager IS your Road To Freedom from the nightmare of ALL the credentials and information associated with your websites.  It's all UNLIMITED too so if you have multiple logins for your Website(s), NO PROBLEM.  You can have as many as you like and you can NAME each one too.  The name (Title) is BOLD so it is prominently displayed and just above your credentials, links, embed codes, emails, & security Q/A that you are storing.  This way when you come back to this website and click the display button, with multiple entries you know what each one is for.

Credential Manager is extensive, yet EASY to use and produces powerful results.  It truly is your Road To Freedom to managing and accessing your Websites.

You can change your information (Edit button) any time and there is a LOGIN button available to take you directly to the login page of your selected website!  There are other buttons (Edit, Display, Favorite, Delete, Start-Page & Homepage) for EACH website you have added to your Credential Manager account as well.

Credential Manager is complete and you will be amazed at how much TIME it will save you from forgotten credentials, links, codes, emails, or even those pesky security questions/answers you have to remember or have stored in some spreadsheet or doc file somewhere on your computer.  But with Credential Manager that is a thing of the past!  You can now CENTRALIZE everything so you can access your information no matter what device you are on or what browser you are using.

One last thing, this solution has been around since 2002 and so we know a thing or two.

Go to Credential Manager and get started for Free today!

Best Regards,

Road to freedom

Michael Blair 27.09.2017 0 1180
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