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How to be the master your website credentials

Michael Blair My name is Michael Blair and I have been using Credential Manager since 2002.  I can honestly say that with #CredentialManager I am the Master of all of my website credentials and any information associated with the websites I promote and use by using #CredentialManager.

It has increasingly been difficult to have all of your website information and login credentials under control with the ever changing security measures and with what different kinds of information we have at our fingertips with everything that is associated with the websites we promote and visit.

Here is the information I am referring to:

  1. Login username/Password Credentials (Account, FTP, Control Panel, Email, etc.)
  2. Links (Social, Blogs, Affiliate, PDF Documentation, Profiles, Channel, etc.)
  3. Embed Codes (Video, HTML Snippets, Banner, Scripts, etc)
  4. Email associations (Yours, Support, Account Manager, etc.)
  5. Security Questions and Answers

With #CredentialManager, for every site you have activated the above information is Titled (In Bold) and UNLIMITED.  You can have as many login credentials (Encrypted) as you need for any website you are using.  The same is true for your links, Embed codes, Emails and security questions/answers.  It's all UNLIMITED entries for each website you have activated.

By titled I mean for each entry you can Title it (It will be in Bold) and that title will be just above the Login entry, Link entry, Embed code entry, Email entry or your Security Question/Answer entry (Question is bold and Answer is highlighted).  This way with multiple entries for the same category you know what each entry is for!

Also, the real cool part is with these website activation's, the information associated with them is a Permanent record in the clouds accessible from any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone). cool

That means no matter what device you are on or whatever browser you are using, if you are connected to the Internet you can get to ALL of the information associated with your websites.  You are now the Master of all of the information and credentials associated with the websites you are promoting and using!  You can even login to the website right through #CredentialManager using the login button and you will be on the login page.  It is all a part of #CredentialManager.

There is more too.

For each website in #CredentialManager (There are currently {servicecount} Websites) you will be able to display their WHOIS Registration information which provides extended information on the website.  Here is what I mean.

  1. Date the website was created on the Internet
  2. Administration contact
  3. Telephone
  4. Address, City, State and country
  5. The IP Address of the domain of the website
  6. Domain Registrar

The above is a wealth of information and can help you get a better feeling for the website you are visiting and using.  If the website just opened its doors last month, would that be of interest?  What if the parent company for the website is in China?  Would that be of interest?  

Is this domain spamming you? Go to the Domain registrar and complain.  They all take spam complaints seriously and the site will be in jeopardy of being shut down.

Do you need to contact the website?  You have the Admin contact, telephone and address for every single website added by you or that is already in #CredentialManager.

There is even an extensive notes section for your activated website for you to put in additional information.  Have you ever wanted to view the welcome email from the website you joined a year later?  Copy & Paste the Welcome email into the notes section and it is ALWAYS there waiting for you to display it from your activated website in your #CredentialManager. 

This #CredentialManager truly is an amazing solution for ALL of the information associated with the websites you are promoting and visiting.

Go to Credential Manager today and get started and you too can become the Master of your Credentials.

Best regards and see you soon! cool


Michael Blair

Michael Blair 19.09.2017 0 1116
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