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I use #CredentialManager every day

Credential Manager

I would be lost without Credential Manager

Michael Blair My name is Michael Blair and I use Credential Manager every day for a variety of functions and have had it since 2002.  I use it because it stores all of my website information and over the years since 1994 I have accumulated a number of sites visited, Emails created, Security Questions formulated, Links for a variety of purposes and it amazes me the information that is associated with the websites I promote and use.

As an example I am a member of the VA Hospital and one of my doctors uses a webinar type format for our appointments.  It is very convenient and I really like it, because it saves me hours in transportation.  Each month there is a NEW link that is sent to me via email and when I get it, I immediately copy it into my Credential Manager VA Hospital website in the links section and I can even name it.  I name it with the DATE and TIME of the appointment and copy the link into the link slot.  It takes less than 30 seconds and now I can just display the VA website activation and click the link at the appointed time.

For me this is a real time saver from having to log into the email and then do the HUNT for the email, to click the link from there.

Because I am logged into Credential Manager all the time, every day, I have complete access to all of my sites and their respective information.  Here is a list of what I can store and retrieve from each website I have activated in my Credential Manager at any time.

  1. Unlimited Logins (Encrypted user/pass) such as account, ftp, online emails, control panels & more
  2. Unlimited Links of any kind such as affiliate, webinars, videos, blogs, social connections, profiles, etc.
  3. Unlimited Embed codes such as HTML snippets, script codes, Banner codes, Form Codes, etc.
  4. Unlimited Email associations such as my email, support email, account manager email, etc.
  5. Unlimited Security Questions/Answers for the websites that require you to verify your Identity
  6. There is the WHOIS registration information stamped on ALL {servicecount} websites in the entire system

There is even a LOGIN button that I can click to take me right to the websites login page and that is something done by the system for me.  All logins are saved for all of the {servicecount} websites that are in Credential Manager.  

All {servicecount} websites in the system are FILTERED as well, to keep OUT known scams from being added to Credential Manager.  The admin has resources to detect scams, pyramids, ponzis, and adds them to the filtration system on a daily basis so members wont get hit with the latest get rich quick scheme that is just a scam.  If any member tries to add a known scam to Credential Manager, it will not be allowed.

However if a member wants to add that Flagged website to their Personal Website area, they can!  The personal websites area is separate from the public area with the {servicecount} scam free websites in Credential Manager.

There is much more to Credential Manager as it is very easy to use, and delivers powerful results.  I am never plagued with the forgot password link, nor do I have to remember any of my website information (Logins, Links, Codes, Emails, Security Q/A) because it is all stored in the clouds with Credential Manager.  These are permanent records I can access from anywhere in the World from any device or browser I am using. 

In other words my information is centralized in the clouds away from my computer, which can crash & burn at any time.  But even if t does, all of my website information is in Credential Manager waiting for me to access it. 

I also do a bit of shopping online.  Do you have all of your credentials for all of the stores you go to online?  I can even store links to products I want to keep in a wish list so to speak.  I can display the website and my links are all there, titled and clickable!  So I know what each link is for and the title is in BOLD so I can easily spot the title I am looking for and click the link.

Credential Manager isn't complicated, and it was made for anyone who is visiting or promoting a few websites.  It truly is an AMAZING website and I use #CredentialManager every day!  I would be completely lost without it.

Check out Credential Manager today and get started for free, and stop writing your credentials down on paper, or putting them into spreadsheets or Doc files.  It's so much better to centralize your credentials in the clouds with PERMANENT records you can get to from any device anywhere in the World.  It doesnt matter what browser you are using and with Credential Manager you are centralized! Access Credential Manager from your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even your smartphone!  Credential Manager is mobile friendly. cool

See you there on Credential Manager!

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