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Credential Manager is very unique

Credential Manager

#CredentialManager is a very unusual website management solution

I have had this management solution for website management on the market since 2002, and there is no other system application that I am aware of that gives you as much information storage & recovery as Credential Manager.  Credential Manager is indeed very unique.

Most of the "Password managers" are just that, a way to store your username & password credentials and there are some very good ones out there.  But they are very limited in the information they are storing for you.

However here at Credential Manager we want to give you a way to manage ALL of the information as it applies to your Website promotions and for the constant use of the websites you are going to.

With Credential Manager you can have the following information for every website you have activated with Credential Manager:

  1. Unlimited Usernames & Passwords (Encrypted
  2. Unlimited Links (Affiliate, Blog, Video, Social, etc.)
  3. Unlimited Embed codes (Banners, Scripts, HTML Snippets, Security Questions, etc.)
  4. Unlimited Email associations (Yours, Support Email for the site, etc.)
  5. Login page built into the login button for the site stored
  6. Additional start-page link button for the site stored
  7. WHOIS information stamped on every website record in the database
  8. Large notes section for making any notes or comments about the website

The first four items above can be Titled so that you know what each line is for.  The title is bold so it is very prominent and easily distinguishable for each additional line for each area.

Currently there are {servicecount} websites in the Credential Manager database waiting for you to activate them with ALL of your information that you have associated with the websites you are promoting and using.  I am talking about sites such as Google, Adobe, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Amazon Affiliates, Commission Junction, Linkshare, JV Zoo, Best Buy, Walmart and MANY more!  These {servicecount} websites in the database are just waiting for you to activate them with your credentials & information. All of the login pages have been configured for you on the {servicecount} websites in the database so that you can get to them quickly.

This management solution is cloud-based so it is very convenient for you to use with any device. Credential Manager is optimized for mobile access, tablet access, laptop & desktop access too. So, it doesn't matter what device you are on or what browser you are using at the time, you have centralized access to your website credentials & information from anywhere in the World through the Internet!

Having this kind of solution for accessing your websites is so convenient, and to be honest I would be LOST without Credential Manager.  I use it every day to get to my websites and to get to the information on my sites.

Let me ask you a question.  Has your computer ever crashed on you?  When it did, was it a little inconvenient to get back all the Websites you promote and go to?  I am referring to all the login pages, the promotion links, the video links, the social links, the email associations, the banner codes, the video embed codes and even the security questions that are all associated with your websites?

Website management in today's World is somewhat of a chore with all of the information that is associated with the websites you are promoting and using, so it only makes sense to have a solution like Credential Manager at your fingertips.

Visit Credential Manager today and discover a very unique website management solution.  You can get started for Free and have a COMPLETE website management solution for the websites you are promoting and using.  Why use something that doesn't cover ALL the information for the websites you are working with?  Credential Manager is complete, and it just makes sense to have centralized access to ALL of the information & credentials associated with the websites you are promoting and using.

Best regards,

Michael Blair 10.07.2017 1 978
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